Things I’ve Done This Past Week That I’m Not Proud Of

Hey Kids.

Sometimes we do things we’re not proud of. This week has been a particularly packed one for me in that department and keeping them a secret is eating me up inside…that or I seriously need to pump the breaks on all the midnight diet coke floats.  So, I’m sharing these shames with you in an attempt to absolve myself. Be kind.

I ate a block of cheese for dinner.
I tipped a valet in quarters.
I wore work out clothes all day, and never worked out.
I rushed my mother off the phone when she was in a crisis so that I could watch Reality TV…on my DVR.
I spent a good portion of Tuesday morning looking at my high school rivals wedding pictures on facebook and criticizing her dress.
I ate another block of cheese for dinner.
I ran into my boyfriend’s ex. When he asked how she looked, I said her ass had gotten huge…it hadn’t.
I finally sat down to pay parking tickets that I got in January. The fees had quadrupled.
I told a racist joke to my black hairstylist.
I found a cat cute.
I was having a bad Wednesday, so I shared a bottle of wine with myself at lunch.
I ordered the movie HALL PASS “on demand.”
A toddler fell at the grocery store. And I laughed.
My boyfriend asked where all the cheese went and I told him it expired so I threw it out.


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