ToDo List

Hey Kids.

I’m heading out on the road tomorrow to spend the weekend at Meatball’s roomie’s ranch.  Should be an awesome time.  Great people to hang out with and somebody told me they had a shooting range, which means I can finally try out the 38 special my brother gave me for Christmas last year.  It’s also rabbit season, so someones making chili…and that someone is me.

Naturally, I like to be prepared.  I’m like a boyscout, but you know… not gay.   So I put together a list of things to get and do before we leave.  After about the 4th item I started to think the list looked a bit incriminating.  Especially with the title I had given it.  Thought I’d share with you, reader…as well as make sure that this trip was documented in case I need an alibi for some reason.  Why would I need an alibi?  Why does anybody need an alibi until they do.  I just realized telling the interweb I’m going out of town, is not an alibi.  Guess I need a human for that.  Got confused.  Disregard.    List is pasted below.

ToDo Before Skipping Town:

  1. Replace broken windshield
  2. Pack revolver
  3. Pack crock pot
  4. Pickup case of booze
  5. Don’t forget running clothes


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